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About Us

Sri Sharadhamba homoeopathic specialty center prestigious super specialty & reaserch oriented clinic in the field of homoeopathy started in the year 2004 with the blessings of SRI SARADAMBA of SRINGERI SARADA Peetam and with blessings of his holiness Sri BHARATHI THEERTHA swamiji.

Sri SHARADAMBA homoeopathic specialty centre was started by Dr.VELCHURI PRAVEEN KUMAR with his wife Dr.VELCHURI PRADEEPA In the year 2004.

Courage is the other name for Dr.VELCHURI PRAVEEN KUMAR. is a very positive person, Ready to accept any challenge in his life. After graduating in the field of Homoeopathy From j.s.p.s Homoeopathy Medical College, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad he started his homoeopathic Practice Inspired by the teachings of great eminent homeopathic Philosophers he returned to the path of classic homoeopathy It was a courageous act to attempt to scale new heights of excellence In yet in homoeopathic medical system, as it is not so easy to practice

His wife Dr.VELCHURI PRADEEPA who has graduated from guru raju Homoeopathic medical College, Gudivada who is university topper and awarded gold medal in the field of homoeopathy.

He and his wife worked together efficiently and given cure to many cases in the field of homoeopathy. It is unusual to hear that grave and terminal cases of tumours, coma, cancers etc, can also be cured by homoeopathic medicines, but every one can not do that for it needs a good line of treatment. Normally homoeopaths are apprehensive to take up deep seated cases of tumours, comas and cancers. But the history of Dr.VELCHURI PRAVEEN KUMAR homoeopathy practice shows that he has not only accepted the challenge of taking up these dangerous cases but has also shown amazing and successful results in such cases he emphasizes that he could do so only because of his through understanding the person has a whole and individualizing the person and through understanding & study of the totality symptoms of the person which will be varying from person to person. And regular follow up of the case till it gets cured. These are the things which instilled confidence in him to treat and cure such dangerous and challenging cases.

Dr.VELCHURI PRAVEEN KUMAR also treats animals with homoeopathic medicines he is a consultant &advisor for homoeopathic medicines in blue cross Hyderabad he has treated many typical cases in blue cross. Which were challenging to the veternary medicine basing on symptom pathology.

It is his sincere attempt to share with the viewers the knowledge he has gained in the field of homoeopathy, as the success in the field of Homoeopathy mainly depends on the understanding the person as a whole and evaluating and selecting the right remedy and selecting the right dose.

These makes the homoeopathy perfect and the physician perfect as the hahramann said in one of his aphorism

The physician high and only mission is to restore the sick to health.